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I am very delighted that I could produce a series of high-quality laboratory equipment in an entirely Iranian complex and with a totally universal point of view. The upcoming series is the outcome of round-the-clock effort of some of the youth of this country, with the aim of high quality production and with the thought of “we only produce the best.” I am proud of having the responsibility of managing a complex which has managed to perform great feats, which is only performed in the greatest industrial countries of the world, with the minimum facilities. I see this success as a result of God’s graciousness, the collective efforts of the staff and the support of our customers.

I assure you that all of the products of this company are produced with international standards and are competent with European examples.

I hope that with the efforts of this company’s hard-working staff and the constructive criticism from respectable customers as well, we can take an even small step towards the quality improvement of the laboratory equipment.

In the end, I am thankful of all of whom supported us in this way.

S. Samimi

Fan Azma Gostar (FG) Company was established in 1995 (1374), to produce laboratory equipment in order to serve the laboratory society of Iran, and after obtaining different approvals, including approval of the Ministry of Health, medical training and ISO13485 and ISO9001 international certifications, today truly can claim to compete with foreign products. The company, presents its products with the brand name FG (registered in the Companies Registration Office of Tehran) from the beginning of March 2011 (1390).The name which is headline of beauty and quality.

Several decades of experience andsuper-accurate engineering, in developing and manufacturing, as well as collaboration with universities and research centers, have made FG products distinguished from similar products available in the market. With one glance at the company's products, one could note that all the products of the company have special features that ultimately have brought the consumer ease of use, admirable durability, high accuracy and unique beauty.

The company, has taken a major step in the production of new and diverse products, by construction of a new factory in Nazarabad industrial town ,since the beginning of March 2011(1390).The factory was constructed on a land with surface area of 4,000 m2, with the latest machinery in the world, and now is one of the largest manufacturing centers of laboratory equipment in the Middle East ,with producing more than 70 models of laboratory equipment,.

The company owes reaching the proud peak to hardworking personnel, technical science of managers, using updated world machinery, usinghigh-grade raw materials, and constructive suggestions of dear customers.

It is hoped that with the help of God, we succeed in service to laboratory society in our dear country Iran.

Why FG?

Why Fan Azma Gostar:

Dear customer,

Research, evaluation of products, comparing different brands and choosing the best is your right. Some of the features and advantages of buying from Fan Azma Gostar (FG) are mentioned here to guide you for a better comparison and decision making.

Also, our partners in sales department are ready to answer your questions.

1. This company has a well-equipped quality control department and each of the devices are evaluated separately.

2. The products of this company have a two-year “real” warranty and this company have always tried to offer new services to the consumers of its products.

3. This company, with modelling after European examples and employing capabilities and expertise of Iranian engineers, tries to produce high-quality products and you can discover this by observing special benefits of each of the products.

4. The production line of this company has decreased the chance of human errors by employing CNC and advanced machinery, which has a great influence on the leading quality of this company’s products.

5. With its 20-year professional career, this company is supported by great experience and expertise.

6. We know that we need high-quality materials in order to produce high-quality products. Therefore, obtaining materials from leading international companies is one of the reasons behind the high quality of our products.

7. This company recognizes the consumers’ needs with its highly sophisticated marketing department and afterwards, tries to fulfill consumers’ needs in production.

8. We are responsible of what we say.

FG Certificates

FG History

Fan Azma Gostar was founded in early 1996 with the aim of producing high-quality laboratory equipment. Several years of managing experience that this company had as the founder of oven production in Iran, led this company to become one of the greatest producers of laboratory equipment very early and attract consumers’ attention with the production of distinct and diverse products. This innovation went so far that this company succeeded in inventing a water distillation device without wasting water and afterwards, obtaining management and quality certificates from important international and local organizations was from the other achievements of this company.

Early in 2010, this company started building a modern factory in Nazar Abad industrial park and gradually established different departments of research and development, marketing and quality assurance.

Concurrently, the growing influence of digital world on industry and high accuracy of laboratory equipment led this company to make changes in production methods, product design and after-sales service like leading international brands and it resulted in presenting special and modern products which are presented under the brand name of FG (recorded in the office of industrial property).

Over the years and after gaining massive experience, this company is one of the leading producers in the field of laboratory equipment now and its product are not only distributed in Iran, but also in other countries.

Some of this company’s products are introduced in this leaflet. Obviously, you can refer towww.FGiran.com and www.Fanazmagostar.com for complementary and updated information.

1996: Establishment of Fan Azma Gostar Company

1996: Receiving the certificate of industrial activity from the Ministry of Industry

1998: Joining the association of the producers of medical, dental and laboratory equipment

2005: Patent from Industrial Property Organization for water distillation device without wasting water

2006: Certification from Iran Reference Laboratory for oven, incubator and Water Bath

2007: Certification from the Ministry of Health for oven, incubator and water Bath

2008: ISO 9001 and ISO 13485

2009: Receiving the standard sign for oven for the first time in Iran

2010: Launching a new factory in Nazar Abad industrial park

2012: Receiving operation license from the Ministry of Industry

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