Growth Chamber

The FG ZFL series growth chambers achieve homogeneous light distribution and ensure consistent temperature conditions with its natural illumination. Minimized response times guarantee that all test and growth parameters remain balanced. The weekly program timer integrated in the controller is a real plus in handing.

Model selection guide

Select according to product specifications

  • Electronically controlled humidification and dehumidification’s system with capacitive humidity sensors
  • Independent temperature safety device class 3.3(DIN 12880)with visual and audible alarm
  • Very tight door closure with 2-point door latch
  • Automatic temperature monitor
  • User- friendly LCD color screen
  • Two shelves stainless steel
  • Inner glass door with seal
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • Real-time clock
  • With castors

ARM series micro controller:

  • Ethernet(LAN) interface for connecting to PC, using FG lab software
  • Temperature/humidity/light/fan speed and all events recorder up to 5 years
  • Controller which can store 25 programs of 100 steps
  • 6 points user temperature calibration
  • Double PT100 temperature sensors
  • 2 points user humidity calibration
  • PID controller with high accuracy
  • USB flash memory connection
  • Weekly program
  • Lock functions
  • IoT functions
  • SMS alarm

Precise climate conditions with HCT technology

  • Constant and gentle circulation of air through large-surface side walls even under full load.
  • Homogeneous climate conditions throughoutTests specimens thanks to triple panel

Unique humidification system

  • Vapor pressure humidification with fast response time
  • Short recovery times after door opening
  • Drift-free, capacitive humidity sensor
  • Finely adjustable humidity control

Non cut technology

  • Powerful cooling system for safe operation up 32°C ambient temperature
  • Triple evaporator
  • Frost-free

HLDtechnology(homogeneous light distribution)

  • Variable position and removable illumination cassettes
  • Homogeneous light over the entire usable space
  • Dimmable LED light by 10%
  • Changeable light(Cool white light, warm white light, floura)

Flexible water management with anti-polar technology

  • Water sensor protection thank to anti-polar technology
  • Solution independent of installation sight
  • pump for discharges up to 1m in height
  • Electric sensor for adjust water surface
  • External water supply
Exterior dimensions ZFL240
Depth Plus controller, door handle (cm) 82
Height (incl. feet) (cm) 140
Wall clearance ,rear(cm) 15
Wall clearance ,side(cm) 15
Number of doors 1
Depth (cm) 75
Width (cm) 90
Glass door 1
Interior dimensions ZFL240
Racks (number standard/max.) 2/(5)
Number of light cassette 2
Permitted total load (Kg) 25
Weight (empty)(Kg) 200
Interior volume (L) 245
Load per rack (Kg) 5
Depth (mm) 45
Width (mm) 67
Height (mm) 81
Temperature data ZFL240
Recovery time after doors were open for 30sec@25C and 60%(min)* 10
Recovery time after doors were open for 30sec@40C and 75%(min)* 15
Temperature uniformity with illumination @25C(±K),and 60% 1.5
Temperature fluctuation with illumination @25C(±K),and 60% 0.5
Temperature uniformity with illumination @40C(±K),and 60% 1.5
Temperature fluctuation with illumination At40C(±K),and 60% 0.5
Temperature range with light cassettes(◦C),with illumination 15-50
Humidity range with light cassette, with illumination (±%r. H.) 10-70
Humidity fluctuation with illumination (±% r. H.) 3
Humidity range without light cassette (±%r. H.) 10-80
Temperature range without light cassettes(◦C) 10-60
Electrical info ZFL240
Voltage(VAC) 220
Power (W) 3000
Frequency(Hz) 50
Current(A) 14
* To 98% of the set value All technical data are specified for units with standard equipment at an ambient temperature of 25 °C and a line voltage fluctuation of ±10

  • Calibration certificate and extension to calibration certificate.
  • Access port with silicone plug 30 mm left side
  • Reinforced rack, stainless steel

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