Laboratory Drying Oven

The smart oven model BF400 E, is a triple-walled oven with special benefits. Thermal controller with a wide range of function (300 degrees), high heating rate, incomparable accuracy and HCT unique technology are from the most important benefits of this oven. The round corners of the inner chamber have given the oven such beauty and elegance and greatly help the user in cleaning it.

The design of this oven is a masterpiece in the beauty and science of engineering and advanced stages of production and quality raw materials have made it one of the most unexceptionable domestically manufactured products. Circulation fan system with air channel is one of the innovations in the production of this oven that led to a perfect isotherm.

This oven is used in clinical, industrial, pharmaceutical and research laboratories.

  • Fast, even tempering
  • Wide temperature range
  • HCT technology

Model selection guide

Select according to product specifications
  • The heater element is embedded in protection stainless steel shield
  • Inner chamber and Heater element container made of stainless steel
  • Independent, adjustable safety thermostat with visual temperature alarm
  • External Case Coated with electrostatic powder paint
  • Circulation fan system with air channel
  • Adjustable front ventilation flat slide and rear axhaust Ǿ50 mm
  • Equipped with Error Alarm
  • 2 Chrome - plated racks for better uniformity
  • Triple-walled

Utilizing the unique technology of HCT (Homogenize Chamber Technology)

  • Short warm up times
  • Uniform circulation even under full load
  • Temperature stability and reproducibility
  • High heating rate
  • Triple-walled
  • Quick drying

Outer body

  • Specially designed air exhaust port for maximum output of escaping fumes and gases from the rear.
  • Specially designed wire passing channel through the hinges to prevent damage to the controller interface wires
  • Very tight door closure with 2-point door latch.
  • Independent, adjustable safety thermostat with visual temperature alarm
  • Beautiful and ergonomic design

Microprocessor controller

  • Outage detection in time of operation and subsequent notification of the operator
  • 999-hour smart timer (permanently operable)
  • Wide range : up to 300°C
  • PID controller with an accuracy of 0.1 degree
  • Adjustable thermal ramp
  • PT 100 temperature sensor
  • Central troubleshooting system
  • Delay timer

Inner chamber

  • Easy loading and unloading of specimen material
  • Fully stainless steel.
  • Rack with tilt protection.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Silicon tape around the door resistant to temperatures of up to 330°C
  • Easy access to the element container for cleaning
  • Low heat dissipation due to 60 mm insulation.

Services and golden warranty

  • 10-years after sales service
  • 5-years element warranty
  • 1-years replacement warranty
  • 2-years warranty

Exterior dimensions BF400E
Plus door handle and connection (cm) 76
wall clearance, rear (cm) 10
Wall clearance, side (cm) 16
Exhaust duct (outer Ø cm) 5
Height (incl. feet) (cm) 103.5
Number of doors (ea.) 2
Weight (empty) (kg) 145
Width (cm) 129.5
Depth (cm) 69
Interior dimensions BF400E
Racks (number standard/max.) 2-(9)
Permitted total load (kg) 45
Load per rack (kg) 5
Interior volume (l) 400
Width (mm) 106
Height (mm) 80
Depth (mm) 46.5
Temperature data BF400E
Temperature range approx. 5 °C above
ambient temperature to (°C)
Temperature variations at 100 °C ±0.5
Display accuracy @ 70 °C ±0.2
Display accuracy @150 °C ±0.5
Display accuracy @250 °C ±1
Uniformity BF400E
@ 70 °C ±2
@ 150 °C ±2.5
@ 250 °C ±3.5
heating-up time (*) BF400E
heating -up time to 70 °C 25
heating -up time to 150°C 40
heating -up time to 300°C 70
Recovery time after doors were open for 30 sec (*) BF400E
@ 70 °C 4
@ 150 °C 15
@ 300 °C 25
Electrical info BF400E
Frequency (HZ) 50
Voltage(V AC) 220
Current (A) 14
Power (W) 3100

(* )To 98% of the set value

All technical data are specified for units with standard equipment at an ambient temperature of 25 °C and a line voltage fluctuation of ±10%

  • Installation of exhaust valves in custom number and diameter
  • Additional stainless steel rack
  • Custom made order is available
  • Metal-framed glass doors
  • Calibration certificate

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