FG laboratory equipment

Fan Azma Gostar Company since the beginning of 1374 with the aim of producing laboratory equipment. It was established, and after gaining different approvals, today it can claim to compete with foreign products. Many years of management experience in this company as the founder of oven production in Iran caused the company to join the top laboratory equipment manufacturers soon.

The growing influence of the digital world in industry and high-sensitivity laboratory equipment led this company to change production methods, product design, and after-sales services. It led to providing special and modern products with the Brand name FG it is registered for.

FG laboratory equipment is made and designed with special and unique technologies following the standards of today’s world so that you, dear consumers, can use FG equipment in laboratories and research centers with peace of mind.


Ultimate creativity and innovation
We gathered the best to reach the peaks of quality.
The FG design unit located in this company's factory tries to design the best laboratory equipment. To achieve this goal, it has assembled an experienced team with the world's most up-to-date equipment and software. In FG design studio, the two main features of FG products, which are smartness and accuracy, are always recognized as the main design path, and special and high-quality products are designed in the field of laboratory equipment by complying with the requirements of international standards. FG engineers assure you that all products produced by FG ​​are designed according to global standards and user needs. It is hoped that the efforts of this collection will be a step, however small, for the convenience of laboratory equipment users

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