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Welcome to the official website of FanAzma Gostar (FG), the largest manufacturer of laboratory equipment in Iran. We specialize in the production of a variety of laboratory equipment, which are in accordance with today’s global standards. FG has been able to take a major step in the production of laboratory equipment by maintaining international standards and making high quality products. Today, FG products are used not only in Iran, but also in other countries around the world. You can find complete information regarding the FG products on this website.

FG products include a wide range of laboratory equipment. Products such as stability test chambers, growth chambers, drying ovens, hot incubators, water baths, furnaces, heater mantles, Erlenmeyer shakers, and pH meters (PHM) are used in many research, academic, and industrial centers, and many universities, laboratories, and pharmaceutical and food factories use FG products

All FG products are designed in our dedicated R&D unit, FG-STUDIO. For designing products, the design team first extensively investigate the samples available on the market, and examining their advantages and disadvantages, they move towards designing the new product. Advanced technologies such as HCT, CMT, NON-CUT, ANTIPOLAR, CHP, HLD, which have a huge impact on the quality of FG products, are all designed by FG-STUDIO

- that more than 5000 organizations use FG equipment in their laboratories? - that FG products are used in many research, academic and industrial centers? The high quality of FG products has made it possible for us to address a wide range of needs expressed by the national laboratory community.
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Last News

  • We have launched our new website!

    We proudly announce that we have launched our new website in early 2018 to provide product specifications and facilitate communication with our customers for quality services such as online warranty registration.

    • 19 Dec 2018
  • Stability test chambers

    FG has been able to design and produce a new series of stability test chambers that come with special features. PC connectivity, alarm notification via SMS, recording all values up to 2 years, meeting GMP standards, LCD monitor and touch buttons (in accordance with ICH Q1A guidelines), high precision, constant temperature and humidity monitoring (STM), […]

    • 19 Dec 2018