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A word from the manager - FG Iran A word from the manager - FG Iran
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A word from the manager

I am very glad that I have been able to produce a collection of high quality laboratory equipment in an entirely Iranian company and with a completely global approach. The foregoing collection is the result of the round-the-clock efforts of a group of professional experts. These products have been developed with the goal of high quality production and with the mentality of “producing only the best.”
I am proud to be managing a company that has been able to bring consumer satisfaction by producing modern and user-friendly products. I owe this success to the grace of God, the efforts of the staff, and the support of the customers.
I assure you that all products of this company are manufactured in accordance with international standards. Hopefully, with the efforts of the hardworking staff of this company as well as the constructive criticisms of the customers, we can take a step, even a small one, to improve the quality of laboratory equipment. Lastly, I wanted to express my gratitude to all the kind people who have supported us in this way.

S. Samimi


FanAzma Gostar was founded in early 1995 with the aim of producing laboratory equipment, and after receiving various certifications such as the clearance of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and the international certificates ISO13485 and ISO9001, FG is now one of the most reputable manufacturers in Iran. The company’s many years of experience as the leading oven manufacturer in Iran soon led to it becoming one of the foremost manufacturers of laboratory equipment, attracting consumers’ attention by producing distinct and diverse products. The company’s innovation led to its success in inventing water distillers with no water loss for the first time in the world. Receiving management and quality certificates from major global and domestic organizations was another achievement for the company.
In early 2011, the company took a major step in the production of new and varied products with the construction of a new factory in Nazarabad Industrial Park. Constructed on a land with an area of 4,000 square meters, the factory employs state of the art machinery and is now one of the largest manufacturers of laboratory equipment in the Middle East, producing more than 70 pieces of laboratory equipment.
Decades of experience and precision engineering in development and production as well as collaboration with academic and research centers have distinguished FG products from the existing examples on the market. With a quick look at our products, you will also notice that all of our products have distinctive features that have ultimately brought nothing but comfort, exemplary durability, high accuracy, and unique beauty for the satisfaction of our customers.
Now, with many years of experience, we are one of the leading manufacturers of laboratory equipment, and our products are distributed not only in Iran, but also in other countries. We owe these achievements to our hardworking staff, the technical knowledge of our managers, the utilization of cutting edge machinery, the use of high quality raw materials, and the constructive suggestions of our customers.

1996: Establishing FanAzma Gostar Company
1996: Receiving the certificate of industrial activity from the Ministry of Industry
1998: Becoming a member of the Trade Association of Manufacturers of Medical, Dental and Laboratory Equipment
2005: Obtaining a patent from the Industrial Property Organization for the water distiller with no water loss
2006: Receiving a clearance from the Reference Laboratory of Iran for ovens, hot incubators, and water baths
2007: Receiving quality assurance from the Ministry of Health for ovens, hot incubators, and water baths
2008: Receiving ISO9001 and ISO13485
2009: Receiving the ISIRI badge for ovens for the first time in Iran
2010: Launching a new factory in Nazarabad Industrial Park
2013: Receiving the operation license from the Ministry of Industry.
2014: Receiving the manufacturing license for laboratory diagnostic tools from the Office of Health Reference Laboratory.
2017: Being endorsed as a knowledge enterprise by the Vice President for Science and Technology

Why FanAzma Gostar?

  • FG utilizes advanced machinery in its production line.

  • FG manages to obtain high quality raw materials from reputable companies in the world and has more than 20 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and supplying laboratory equipment.

  • FG utilizes a well-equipped quality control unit, which tests each device completely separately and ensures two years of full guarantee for all products.

  • FG employs a professional marketing unit that first identifies consumer needs and then tries to meet those needs in its products.