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FG ZFL model Germinator or Growth chamber has reliable heat and homogeneous light distribution similar to natural light. This product is a suitable option for the growth of plants and insects by simultaneously controlling environmental values ​​such as temperature, light and humidity. Advanced controller with day and night programming and safety alarms are among the advantages of this product.

FG Germinator in all kinds of laboratories industrial Agriculture research is applicable.

Changing the optical spectrum of the device according to your needs with just 3 clicks

Optical cassette with the ability to move inside the chamber to place samples with different heights
Ability to adjust the light spectrum (cool white light, warm white light, flora)
Using LED lamps instead of fluorescent lamps
Homogeneous light in all usable space
Ability to adjust light intensity

The most accurate germinator in the world with unique uniformity in accordance with the most reliable international standards

Quick return of the temperature to the set temperature after opening the device door

Uniformity @ 27 points of the chamber

High heating speed

Temperature stability

dual chamber

The pleasure of using the most accurate cooling system in the world

Unparalleled cooling power even at high ambient temperature

No thrush

2 evaporator

Double safety to protect your samples against unwanted increase or decrease in temperature

Adjustable safety thermostat with sensors (with two PT100 sensors)

According to the latest standards (TWW) DIN 12880 Class 3.3

The pleasure of using the most accurate cooling system in the world

The most resistant humidifier without deposits on the sensors

Preventing chemical reaction and corrosion of water level sensors

Using electronic sensors to control the water level

Prevent water deposition on electronic sensors

Unique humidifier system

Inlet and outlet water source with separate pump (no need for inlet water and sewage piping)

Rapid return of humidity to the set value after opening the door

With extra water pump

The ability to precise adjust the humidity

Creating moisture at high speed

Accurate humidity sensor

Using the latest and most accurate ARM series microcontrollers

Controller lock system to prevent accidental changes

Graphical LCD display with touch buttons

Easy calibration of humidity by the user in 2 points

Easy temperature calibration by the user in 6 points

PID controller to control temperature and humidity

Controller with 3 programs of 100 steps

Smart STM Temperature Check

Smart alarm of deviation from temperature and humidity

Discharge or Decrease of Water alarm

Device door open alarm

Sending SMS during alarms


Internal memory to record all values ​​of temperature, humidity and fan speed for up to 2 years.
Record values ​​according to GMP and GLP standards.
Draw a graph of temperature and humidity on the device's LCD.

FG LAB software

The ability to print graphs in a certain time frame according to GMP and GLP standards. No need to install intermediary software. The ability to connect the device to a computer. Ability to view values online.


Product video

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Product video

Technical specification table ZFL

External specifications
Depth with handle and outlet water source (cm)
Depth with handle (cm)
Height of the device with the base (cm)
device width
number of doors
Internal specifications
Internal volume (Lit)
height (cm)
width (cm)
depth (cm)
empty device weight (kg)
Weight bearing capacity for each tray (kg)
The ability to bear the weight of the entire floor (kg)
The number of standard trays in the machine - (can be ordered)
2 – (5)
2 – (7)
تعداد کاست های نوری
Temperature and humidity specifications (*)
Temperature and humidity return time after opening the door for 30 seconds at 25°C and 60% humidity (min)
Temperature and humidity return time after opening the door for 30 seconds at 40°C and 75% humidity (min)
Temperature fluctuation without optical cassette at 25°C (fluctuation) (±K)
Temperature uniformity without optical cassette at 25°C (variation) (±K)
Temperature uniformity with the lamp on at 25°C (Variation) (±K)
Temperature fluctuation with the lamp on at 25°C (fluctuation) (±K)
Fluctuation of temperature with the lamp on at 40°C (fluctuation) (±K)
Temperature fluctuation without optical cassette at C40° (fluctuation) (±K)
Temperature uniformity with the lamp on at 40°C (Variation) (±K)
Temperature uniformity without optical cassette at 40°C (Variation) (±K)
Temperature range without optical cassette (°C)
Humidity range without optical cassette (%RH)
Temperature range with light cassette and lamp on (°C)
Humidity range with optical cassette (%RH)
humidity fluctuation (%RH)
Installation conditions
Distance of the device from devices and side walls (cm)
Free space above the device (cm)
The distance of the device from the back wall (cm)
Minimum and maximum ambient temperature (°C)
+16 to +26
+16 to +26
Maximum humidity (%RH)
Electronic information
power (W)
frequency (HZ)
voltage (V AC)
current (A)

Customized equipment and services

The access valve to the inner compartment is made of silicone

IQ, OQ, PQ Certificates

Calibration certificate

Network switch

Light cassette


Growth chamber or Germinator is a device that is used by creating ideal environmental conditions for the growth of seeds or eggs of a plant, the laboratory germinator provides conditions in which light, humidity and temperature are controlled. to provide optimal conditions for the growth of a seed.

In general, the growth chambers are divided into different types, the smallest volume of which is desktop to the largest volume, which includes from about 5000 liters to 25000 liters, and they are called WALK-IN chambers. The outer body of the chamber It is made of iron sheet with electrostatic powder paint and the inner casing is made entirely of stainless steel, in addition to its extraordinary strength, it has given the device a special beauty. By carefully looking at the inner casing of the device and observing different angles, we notice the use of curved corners, which causes Ease of cleaning and user safety. Also, the use of stainless steel increases the resistance of the inner chamber The Growth chamber of the plant is protected against humidity.

In the other part, the ultra -advanced device controller comes with the latest ARM series microprocessors. The controller of the device has a significant contribution in temperature control and stability of temperature and humidity by using smart algorithms.

Growth chambers are important equipment of agricultural laboratories. But in addition, the chambers are used in the laboratories of food, health and cosmetic industries and even pharmaceuticals. However, due to the simultaneous supply of light, temperature and humidity, they are also used in university laboratories and research and industrial centers.

The designers of this series of chambers have clearly tried to meet the needs of a wide range of users along with compliance with international standards, and for this purpose facilities such as DUAL SAFETY system (safety thermostat), Unique HCT technology (Uniformity in different parts of the chamber), ARM series advanced microcontroller, NON-CUT technology (for accuracy and stability of temperature in cooling mode), ANTIPOLAR technology (to prevent damage to water level sensors) and HLD technology for uniformity of light are placed in this series of germinators.

The growth chambers must have a precise temperature and humidity controller, a circulating fan for the uniformity of temperature and humidity inside the chamber, the possibility of warning in case of emergency, the ability to program, the ability to adjust the thermal gradient, the screen to show information, the ability to set the timer, optical spectrum and the ability to store information.

In some cases, it has been observed that the deviation of the temperature and humidity inside the chamber from the set values ​​causes damage to the test samples and sometimes a lot of damage, so the device must be equipped with a separate system to prevent the unwanted increase or decrease of temperature and humidity and to notify It is to the user in case of occurrence.
Another important point of the growth chamber is the ability to calibrate the device. If the calibration is 1 point, the device is calibrated only at the same point, and by calibrating at one temperature, the calibration of other temperatures is out of adjustment.

Some devices are calibrated in two temperatures, in this case, the device considers a hypothetical line based on these two temperatures and calibrates the rest of the temperatures based on this hypothetical line. Because some points may not be in line with the assumed line of the device, calibration in two points cannot guarantee the high accuracy of the device.

Therefore, the more the number of calibration points, the more accurate calibration is performed and the device works accurately in all temperature ranges. Another point is that you must have encountered the phenomenon of unwanted increase in chamber temperature and failure of laboratory samples.

Today, international standards emphasize the control of the temperature of the chamber by an independent thermostat, so that when necessary, by cutting the voltage of the element, they prevent the increase of the temperature of the chamber and prevent possible damages.

All growth chambers or FG germinators have fans and in terms of volume, they are produced in 2 models of 240 and 400 liters, which, upon request, It is also possible to build a plant growth chamber based on the customer’s needs. Also, according to the requirements of plant breeding centers and the needs of respected customers, it is possible to provide QUALIFICATION documents including IQ, OQ, PQ.

The ability to connect to the FGLAB software is another part of the advantages of this device. By connecting to this software, you can see all the device information including temperature, humidity and fan speed in the form of graphs and tables. The ability to zoom in a specific time range and print are also other advantages of these chambers.

All FG growth chambers have fans and in terms of volume, they are produced in 2 models of 240 and 400 liters, which, upon request, can also be manufactured according to customer needs.

The FG design manager assures you that this series of germinators is completely competitive with European examples, which you will also find out after examining this series of chambers.

  • Beautiful and ergonomic design
  • Circulating fan with adjustable speed
  • Easy calibration of humidity in 2 points and temperature in 6 points by the user
  • Controller lock to prevent accidental changes
  • PID controller to control temperature and humidity
  • Controller with 3 programs of 100 steps.
  • Separate independent safety sensor to ensure the temperature of the device (with two PT100 sensors)
  • Separate mechanical thermostat according to DIN 12880 class 3,3 standard (TWW)

  • Connect the device to the computer through the LAN port
  • No need to install the driver
  • The ability to connect to a computer via WIFI
  • The ability to work with FGLAB software through mobile phones, tablets and computers
  • Internal memory to record the values ​​of temperature, humidity and fan speed for up to 2 years
  • Record values ​​according to GMP and GLP standards
  • Drawing a temperature and humidity graph on the device’s LCD screen
  • Long lifespan due to the use of LED lamps instead of fluorescent
  • Ability to adjust the light spectrum (cool white, warm white, floura)

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Considering that the water source of stability chambers is separate from the device, it is possible to disconnect the source from the device when entering the laboratory and reconnect it after installing the device, in which case the depth of the device without the source will be equal to 75 cm.

According to FG standards and the world’s valid standards, the best distance from the walls, floor and ceiling of the stability test chamber is 10% of the length of the same side, for example, if the width of the device is 40 cm, 10% is 4 cm from each side (left and right). ) and if the depth of the machine is 50 cm, 10% of that means 5 cm from the front and back, the distance from the walls of the machine should be considered for loading.

It always takes time for the internal chamber temperature to reach the set point. The Smart timer is activated when the temperature reaches the set point.

body Since many centers do not have facilities such as water or sewage pipes, a feature has been placed in the FG growth chambers so that they can be installed and work properly independently of the deficiencies of the environment. Therefore, the FG germinator is equipped with an inlet and outlet water source. and does not need plumbing.

Alarms should be such as to attract the user’s attention. Now imagine a device that repeatedly and unnecessarily alarms, such as when the door of the device is opened (naturally, the temperature of the device goes higher or lower). In normal devices, the alarm is activated, but in the FJ device, the alarm is activated only when it is needed and in The malfunctioning device is activated.

No, by using HCT technology, instead of water vapor entering the chamber, moist air enters the device, which prevents the samples from getting wet.

Yes, it can be done if needed by the consumers and according to the request.

In the growth chambers available in the market, light systems are usually placed vertically on the door or side walls of the device, which causes some samples to be placed between the light source and other samples should be placed and other samples should be placed in the shade, so that they do not get full light. In HLD technology, light plates are placed horizontally and like floors inside the chamber, and shadows are prevented on the samples.

The FG growth chamber is equipped with the new and exclusive HLD technology, and there is no need to change the lamp and high costs, and you can adjust the light spectrum you want with just a few clicks through the growth chamber board.

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