Iran Pharma Exhibition

Iran Pharma Exhibition

Iran Pharma Exhibition

One of the biggest events of the pharmaceutical industry and related industries, which started its activity in 2014, is the Iran Pharma exhibition. This exhibition aims to introduce the capabilities of the country’s pharmaceutical industry, present the latest developments and achievements of the pharmaceutical industry, familiarize with new markets, and create the necessary platform. Created to transfer technical knowledge. The International Exhibition of Medicines and Related Industries (Iran Pharma), by the Syndicate of the Owners of the Human Pharmaceutical Industries of Iran and in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, the Food and Drug Organization, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and with the wide participation of associations and the presence of more than 500 companies Pharmaceutical and related industries are held.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. The constant increase in life expectancy is one of the most important indicators of the development of societies in terms of health. It shows the increasing attention of the world’s people to the category of health and the constantly growing market of this product. Iran has also been among the countries with strategic power in medicine, treatment, and health system due to the capabilities of scientists in the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals. In this regard, the International Exhibition of Medicines and Related Industries (Iranpharma), with the slogan ‘export-oriented domestic products’ and in line with the introduction of the capabilities of the pharmaceutical industry, is held every year by the Syndicate of the Owners of the Human Medicines Industries of Iran and with the support of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education. Considering that pharmaceuticals is one of the knowledge-based industries, and all over the world, the joint production of drugs and scientific exchanges between research centers and pharmaceutical industries will improve the production capacity, so the ‘Iran Pharma’ exhibition is a place for the formation of this type of cooperation. It is mutual.

Syndicate of the owners of human medicine industries of Iran with the membership of 113 manufacturing companies, 46 affiliated member companies, 11 export companies, and 8 drug distribution companies since 2004 to organize the production of human medicines, improve quality, and develop exports, continuous marketing to obtain supply and demand information. , price, consumer markets, and export development supporting the interests of drug manufacturers, trying to increase access to global markets and creating suitable investment opportunities, participating in compiling the required standards for the production of human drugs and monitoring how they are implemented through the establishment of inspection companies and so on. .. has started working for the members of its subcategory.

The Iran Pharma exhibition was created to introduce companies active in pharmaceuticals and related industries, creating a suitable platform for international trade, communicating with domestic and foreign scientific centers, influencing the domestic and foreign pharmaceutical market, and, most importantly, supporting domestic products. And the development of exports in the field of pharmaceuticals and related industries.

What organizations and companies are the participants of Iran Pharma? Pharmaceutical equipment, printing, and packaging are held.

  • Drug manufacturing companies
  • Drug distribution companies
  • Pharmaceutical equipment and machinery supply companies
  • Pharmaceutical raw material companies
  • Companies producing new combination drugs and knowledge-based companies
  • Companies producing biosimilar products
  • Companies producing herbal medicines
  • Companies producing food and dietary supplements
  • Pharmaceutical printing and packaging service companies, scientific, research, and pharmaceutical research centers
  • Professional, scientific, and pharmaceutical student associations

Fan Azma Gostar (FG) is the largest manufacturer of laboratory equipment. With the latest technology in the world and by using the standards of the world, it is proud to be present in this great event to present its laboratory equipment in the field of testing, testing and maintaining drugs in cooperation with large pharmaceutical companies for progress and upgrading the level of knowledge. Pharmaceuticals and community health will take a big step.

The most important industries present at Iran Pharma International Exhibition: Drug production industries, raw material producers, cosmetic and health industries, food industries, including food ingredients and supplements, and pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing industries.

The seventh edition of the Iran Pharma Exhibition, the largest specialized gathering of the pharmaceutical industry, will be held on October 10-12, 2022, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, at Imam Khomeini’s mosque.

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