Laboratory chiller

Laboratory chiller

FG RM model laboratory chiller is a smart chiller with very accurate temperature control, the special design of the device and the use of high-quality raw materials have turned this device into a quality product that can compete with European models. The use of a very accurate microcontroller with an accuracy of ±0.1 and a pressurized water tank are among the unique advantages of this device.

sms alarm

FG laboratory chiller device in all kinds of laboratories medical industrial pharmaceutical research is applicable.

The pleasure of using the most accurate cooling system in the world

Unique cooling power even at high ambient temperature.

No thrush.

2 evaporator.

Double safety to protect your samples against unwanted temperature drop

Adjustable safety thermostat with separate sensor (with PT100 sensor)

According to the latest standards of (TWW) DIN 12880 Class 3.1

Temperature control in case of unwanted temperature drop

Using the latest microcontrollers

Wide operating range from -10 to +40 degrees Celsius

Audible and visual alarms

Smart 999 hour timer

Central troubleshooting

PID controller

outer body

Special design to prevent liquids from spilling on the board and electronic parts

Special design of the external body to occupy the minimum space of the laboratory

Ability to view the amount of liquid filled

Beautiful and ergonomic design


Product video

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Product video

Table of technical specifications of the device

External specifications
Depth with inlet and outlet water pipes (cm)
Device height (cm)
device width (cm)
Internal specifications
Internal volume (lit)
Net weight of the device (kg)
Installation conditions
The distance of the device from the devices and Side walls (cm)
Free space above the device (cm
The distance of the device from the back wall
Minimum and maximum ambient temperature (°C)
+16 to +26
Maximum ambient humidity (%RH)
Temperature information
Time to reach 90% of SP from ambient temperature to 0°C(min)
Temperature fluctuation in 0°C (fluctuation) (±K)
Temperature fluctuation at 25°C (fluctuation) (±K)
Temperature range (°C)
-10 to 40
Maximum cooling power (W)
Circulator specifications
Output pressure flow rate 0 bar (L/min)
Output pressure flow rate 0.1 bar(L/min)
Maximum output pressure (bar)
Maximum outlet height (m)
The ability to adjust the output flow of the pump
have not
Maximum operating time
permanent work
Electronic information
power (W)
frequency (HZ)
voltage (V AC)
current (A)

Customized equipment and services

IQ, OQ certificates

Calibration certificate

Insulated hose

Circulator chiller is a device used for cooling and lowering the temperature in laboratory applications.

When a product or device needs cooling for its operation, a laboratory chiller is used. This device is used in scientific, research and medical purposes and in pharmaceutical, industries, hospitals, universities, etc.

Circulator chillers are divided into compression and absorption types and are used in different sizes. In some cases, they are also classified according to the type of body and type of controller and temperature range.

Circulator chillers usually have a temperature controller and a timer, and in advanced models, there are features such as programming and alarms for errors or problems in the device.

Things to consider when choosing chillers are: In general, the required cooling power, the volume of the cooling tank, the type of liquid that circulates, liquid pressure, liquid flow rate, the accuracy of the temperature controller, the accuracy of the temperature control of the device, the maximum temperature and the minimum temperature.

FG circulator chillers are now produced in 4 liter size. Circulator chiller can also be used to use cold in the shaker of FG incubators.

FG designers have clearly tried to meet the needs of a wide range of users along with compliance with international standards, and for this purpose facilities such as DUAL SAFETY (safety thermostat) and warning alarms for element and sensor disconnection have been placed in this laboratory chiller.

  • Beautiful and ergonomic design
  • Wide operating range from -10 ambient to +40 degrees Celsius
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Smart 999 hour timer
  • Central troubleshooting
  • PID controller
  • Accuracy ±0.2

The FG design manager assures you that these circulator chillers are completely competitive with European examples, which you will also realize after examining this series of chillers. The external body of the chiller is made of oiled sheet with electrostatic powder paint. Carefully in the inner compartment of the device and observing different angles, you will notice the use of a pressurized water tank (without seams and welds), which makes it easy to clean and safe for the user. On the other hand, the ultra-advanced device controller with the latest microprocessors stands out. The controller of the device using smart algorithms has a significant contribution in temperature control and thermal stability. FG laboratory chillers are now produced in a volume of 4 liters, which, upon request, can also be used to create cooling in shaker incubators.

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