Laboratory terminology according to medical equipment regulations

Laboratory terminology according to medical equipment regulations

What is laboratory medical equipment or devices?

Laboratory terms of equipment include items such as medical, dental, laboratory and paramedical equipment and supplies.

including any goods, devices, supplies, devices, software, accessories, Medical diagnostic laboratory machines and calibrators intended for humans alone or in combination with other related items. In order to reach goals such as diagnosis, monitoring, prevention, prediction, treatment or disease reduction. Establishing the process of sterilizing or disinfecting and cleaning equipment, Medical environment and waste for optimal medical, therapeutic and health measures, as well as providing information In order to achieve medical goals, laboratory methods are used on human samples.

According to the definition of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education as well as the regulation of medical equipment, the terms manufacturer of laboratory and medical equipment refers to a domestic or foreign legal entity that manufactures medical and laboratory equipment under its own responsibility and name.

A legal entity that imports medical and laboratory equipment according to the notified instructions.

Laboratory terminology of legal importers and manufacturers of medical and laboratory equipment Distributors: It means all the persons who are introduced as sales representatives of laboratory and medical equipment after obtaining official representation from the manufacturers and importers of medical equipment and obtaining a license from the General Administration based on the instructions. Of course, all production centers can also have their own sales and distribution centers.

Direct sale of medical and laboratory equipment to the final consumer of all persons who procure medical equipment directly from the supplier or distributor and are allowed to sell and supply it according to the notified decree.

Among other laboratory terms, a natural or legal person or their legal representative, who comply with the current laws, regulations, regulations and instructions to export medical equipment.

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