Drying and heating oven with forced convection BF400E

Overview BF400E

The smart oven model BF 400 E, is a triple-walled oven with special benefits. Thermal controller with a wide range of function, high heating rate (up to 300 degrees), incomparable accuracy and HCT unique technology are from the most important benefits of this oven. The round corners of the inner chamber have given the oven such beauty and elegance and greatly help the user in cleaning it.


Circulation fan system with air channel is one of the innovations in the production of this oven that led to a perfect isotherm.


This oven is used in clinical, industrial, pharmaceutical and research laboratories.

  • Volume: 400 liters
  • Circulation fan
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Additional information

Wall clearance, side (cm)

wall clearance, rear (cm)

Exhaust duct (outer Ø cm)

Depth Plus door handle and connection (cm)

Depth (cm)

Height (incl. feet) (cm)

Width (cm)

Weight (empty) (kg)

Number of doors (ea.)

Interior volume (l)

Height (cm)

Width (cm)

Depth (cm)

Load per rack (kg)

Permitted total load (kg)

Racks (number standard/max.)

Circulation fan

Temperature range approx. 15 °C above ambient temperature to (°C)

Display accuracy @ 70 °C

Display accuracy @ 150 °C

Display accuracy @ 250 °C

Temperature fluctuation @ 100 °C

Temperature @ 70 °C

Temperature @ 150 °C

Temperature @ 250 °C

heating -up time to 70 °C

heating -up time to 150 °C

heating -up time to 300 °C

Return temperature @ 70 °C

Return temperature @ 150 °C

Return temperature @ 300 °C

Power (W)

Frequency (HZ)

Voltage(V AC)

Current (A)

Power type


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