Dear consumer

  • Dear consumers, in order to enjoy FG services, please be sure to observe the following:
  • Providing the warranty booklet with the production date label (installed on the device carton) and the tracking code of the product registration is mandatory in order to enjoy the warranty, and providing any other documents such as the sales invoice is not acceptable.
  • The devices that are required to be installed by the company are considered a warranty only if they are installed and installed by the personnel or official representatives of this company.
  • All the products of this company have a manual in which all the conditions are fully explained, so please read the manual completely before using it in order to prevent any damage to the device and to know all its advantages. Also, for more information or to set up the device by the personnel of this company, you can contact the after-sales service unit of the company.
  • Registering the device on the device website is mandatory and this company is excused from providing any services to devices that are not registered on the website.

To send the device to the factory, be sure to fill out the relevant form and send it along with the device.

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