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What is ssr relay?

Solid state relays, or SSRs, are the semiconductor equivalent of electromechanical relays and can be used to control electrical loads without the use of moving parts. SSR, which is the abbreviation of Solid State Relay or solid state relay, They have the same function as electromechanical relays or contactors, except that there is no moving element inside them. In fact, these relays are electronic switch pieces, which can control a larger current or voltage with a small signal.

The original structure of the ssr

One of the main parts of a solid state relay (SSR) is the optoisolator (optocoupler), which consists of one (or more) infrared diodes and a photosensitive part. The optocoupler isolates the input from the output.

SSR relay technical specifications

FG solid-state relay has a current range of 15 to 25 amperes single phase. Single phase FG SSR has 8 terminals with AC load.

Price and purchase of ssr relay

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