The 10th exhibition of laboratory equipment and materials made in Iran

The 10th exhibition of laboratory equipment and materials made in Iran

FG is present at the 10th exhibition of laboratory equipment and materials made in Iran.

The international exhibition of laboratory equipment and materials made in Iran is the crystallization of domestic companies’ knowledge and technological capabilities in producing laboratory equipment and materials with the help of Iranian engineers and scholars.

Presidential Scientific and Technological Vice-Chancellor to reduce the dependence of laboratories on imported equipment and materials, as well as the ability of domestic producers and to support knowledge-based companies in the field of manufacturing and producing laboratory equipment and materials. made in Iran From 2013 until now, it has held several sessions of this exhibition, and every year, with the increase in the number of manufacturing companies and the greater variety of products, it is a suitable platform for buying all kinds of products. Laboratory equipment It has provided the construction of Iran.

For the same purpose this year, as in previous years, the Vice-Chancellor for Science and Technology has met a wide range of needs of the country’s scientific and laboratory community by paying part of the purchase costs of government science and research centers.

To support the domestic manufacturers and technologists, the Vice President of Science and Technology pays 10 to 50% of the price of the products purchased by government scientific and research centers as a grant for the first to third-level products.

To register and buy at the Iran Sakht exhibition, you must first register on the exhibition site through the buyer registration option. After the initial registration, an activation email will be sent to the user, who will enter your account by clicking the activation link.

After entering the cartable, search for product prices, Product, and company. Select the desired Product and add it to your favorites by choosing the Product and quantity requested so that you can receive the pre-invoice of the desired equipment from the sellers on this page during the exhibition.

FG has been present in all periods of this exhibition every year. By introducing its various products and unveiling new and HIGH TECH products that are made and designed by the best Iranian engineers and according to international standards in this company, we invite you to visit this exhibition. The exhibition invites. In this Made in Iran exhibition period, FG products have been placed at the second and third level with 25% and 10% subsidies from the Presidential Vice President for Science and Technology. From this moment, it is possible to register a pre-invoice for you, dear customers.

Dear customers, you can view the list of products introduced in the Iran-sakht exhibition, the price of the products, and the support level of each product while visiting the FG site and choosing the desired product through the link of Fan Azma Gostar company on the exhibition website.

For more information and ease of product selection, you can subscribe to our Instagram or Telegram channel to the addresses below by selecting the product and receiving the pre-invoice and buying the product at an approved price, and subsidizing this support in the purchase. Provide laboratory equipment.



To receive the pre-invoice of the desired product, call 02166381693 02166381692. Call 02166381691 or email us at and consult with our experts.

The 10th exhibition of laboratory equipment and materials made in Iran will be held from 10 to 13 December 2022 at the principal place of international exhibitions in Tehran, Milad (31), Persian Gulf (44), 40 and 41 halls.

Fan Azma Gostar Laboratory equipment (FG)

Fan Azma Gostar Company is the largest manufacturer of laboratory equipment in Iran, specializing in producing all types of laboratory equipment following the world’s standards. FG Iran has taken a big step in producing laboratory equipment by complying with international standards and high-quality products. Today, FG products are used not only in Iran but also in other countries of the world.

FG products include a wide range of laboratory devices. Products like Stability test chambersgrowth chambers, laboratory ovensincubatorslaboratory furnaces, Orbital shakers, etc., are used in many research, academic, and industrial centers of the country, and many universities, laboratories, and pharmaceutical and food factories use this laboratory equipment.

All FG products are designed in the entire R&D unit of this company called FG-STUDIO. To design the products, the design team first conducts extensive research on the samples available in the market. Examining their advantages and disadvantages, they design the new product. Advanced technologies such as HCT, CMT, NON-CUT, ANTIPOLAR, CHP, and HLD are all designed by FG-STUDIO, which greatly impact the quality of FG products.

More than 5,000 organizations use FG equipment in their laboratories. The high quality of FG products has enabled us to meet a wide range of needs of the country’s laboratory community.

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