A microcontroller is an integrated circuit or electronic chip that has a CPU, RAM memory, ROM and a number of programmable inputs and outputs. Microcontrollers are actually a microcomputer that is programmed for specific purposes and produced in different types.

Microcontrollers can be programmed by the user, according to the program, the user can define that if certain conditions occur in the input, a certain event will occur in the output.
Today, with the advancement of technology, microcontrollers have opened their place in many electronic devices, from telephones to mobiles, from the laser mouse that you are currently holding to any device that can see the complexity in it.

Microcontrollers are also widely used in medical and laboratory equipment, which are always considered high-tech equipment, and have had a significant impact on the quality of equipment and the comfort of consumers. In such a way that nowadays it has become a mandatory part of laboratory equipment and without a microcontroller, high quality and accuracy cannot be achieved in laboratory equipment.

Features such as high accuracy, the ability to connect to a computer, different displays such as LCD and 7 SEGMENT and many other features are possible thanks to microcontrollers.

A microprocessor is a processor, and to work with it, you have to add memory chips and other things to it, this possibility is useful to use more timers and input and output ports, depending on the work of the appropriate memory designer, but in this The circuit mode is very complicated and increases in terms of cost, while microcontrollers with various features and lower cost solve all the needs of designers.

In fact, a number of microprocessors, memory, timers and different ports are used inside each microcontroller, and their great diversity in terms of these features has made us forget about microprocessors. Of course, it should be noted that in the Iranian market, microcontroller and microprocessor are considered the same, and this is unfortunately a wrong term.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if you still hear the term microprocessor somewhere. It means the same microcontroller.

One of the most advanced models of microcontrollers is Ceres AVR microcontrollers.

ARM Series microcontrollers ARM They are part of the latest microcontrollers used in the world. This series of microcontrollers with many features such as high processing speed, small size, less energy consumption and communication capabilities such as connecting to computers and Connecting to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi systems Very soon they opened their place in the whole industry. In such a way that these processors are used even in smartphones today.

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