What is a Muffle furnace?

What is a Muffle furnace?

Longer life of elements with muffle furnace

Muffle furnace generally refers to furnaces with a chamber with firebricks where the element is placed inside these firebricks or, in some cases, inside the insulation; in fact, the heat is transferred to the inner chamber through these walls.
The main advantage of this type of electric furnace is that, unlike other furnaces, The element is not in contact with the vapors and gases emitted inside the device, increasing the life of the element. This type of electric furnace in laboratories is a relatively small device. It is used to generate high heat, and the user uses these types of furnaces to test the properties of materials.

The main advantage of this type of electric furnace is the long life of the element due to not being in contact with vapors and gases emitted inside the chamber. Also, since the walls transfer heat well from the surface of the element to the main chamber, At the same time, they save energy and have a higher heating speed. But on the other hand, since the element is placed inside the fireproof walls, Replacing these elements is difficult and sometimes requires more costs.

Muffle furnaces have fireproof ceramic insulation, which increases the element’s life.

Since laboratory furnaces are generally used at very high temperatures and are among the high-depreciation devices of the laboratory, when buying, you should pay more attention to the points that affect the lifetime of laboratory furnaces. Among the important points that affect the lifetime of the muffle laboratory furnace element is the Placement of the elements inside the muffle. As a result, the elements are no longer in direct contact with vapors and gases and therefore have a longer lifespan than similar electric furnaces. Also, an air vent in Muffle furnaces has caused all the vapors and gases emitted to be directed outside and prevent the element from rusting and oxidizing. Therefore, the presence of an air discharge valve has a positive effect on increasing the life of the elements.

Another important point of furnaces is the type of insulation. Sometimes you see that due to the high temperature in laboratory furnaces, The external body of the device is also very hot during operation, which causes a waste of thermal energy and even increases the temperature of the laboratory environment and harms the user and nearby devices.

Therefore, the use of high-quality insulation prevents the temperature of the furnace’s outer body from rising and prevents the loss of energy.

Another important factor in choosing a device is the type of controller, which according to the user’s use, should pay attention to the features of the controller and digital board when purchasing.

Muffle furnaces usually have facilities such as adjusting temperature and time. In advanced models, features such as planning and adjusting the thermal gradient are also seen. Adjustable thermal gradient allows you to do this if a sample is sensitive to a rapid increase in temperature; by slowing down the temperature increase process, it is possible to prevent the occurrence of thermal shock in the samples. Therefore, if you want to buy a Muffle furnace, You can make the best and most suitable choice by considering these things.

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