What is an incubator and what is its use?

What is an incubator and what is its use?

What is an incubator?

In general, the incubator is one of the laboratory equipment by creating uniform heating and controlling temperature and humidity as well as the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide, it provides a suitable environment for the growth of all kinds of microorganisms and bacteria. This device is one of the important tools in pharmaceutical, medical diagnosis, microbiology, biochemistry laboratories science, cellular and various industries including food, oil and gas, cosmetics and research centers including agriculture. Incubators are essential for many experimental tasks in cell biology, microbiology, and molecular biology and are used to culture bacterial and eukaryotic cells.

The simplest incubators are insulated boxes with adjustable heaters, usually raised to 60–65 °C (140–150 °F), but some incubators can be heated up to 100 °C. The highest temperature used for bacteria such as E. coli as well as mammalian cells is approximately 37°C (99°F), as these organisms thrive in such conditions. For other organisms used in biological experiments, such as some yeasts, a growth temperature of 30 °C (86 °F) is optimal.

Incubators are divided into three categories: industrial, medical and laboratory Laboratory environment Various types of normal or thermal incubators (temperature range from 30 to 70 degrees Celsius), refrigerated incubators (temperature range from -5 to +70 on average), incubators under CO2 gas and shaker incubators are used.

FG incubators The CF and CM series are designed in two models with a fan (FORCED CONVECTION) and without a fan (GRAVITY CONVECTION) as well as in volumes of 55, 120, 240 and 400 liters, which gives you maximum temperature accuracy and the highest level of uniformity inside the chamber. In some cases, they are also classified according to the type of body and type of controller.

Incubators usually have a temperature controller, an air vent valve (to remove vapors and moisture inside the device) and a timer, which in advanced models such as FG incubators, features such as programming, setting the thermal slope (RAMP) and delay timer (to set the time to turn on the device) are also available. has it.

Note that the air exhaust valve and the amount of fresh air entering is one of the important points of the laboratory incubator, which is mentioned in many valid standards, and if the humid air is not removed from the device, things like wetting of the samples inside the device will happen.

On the other hand, the large temperature difference between different points inside the incubator can disrupt the user’s test. Today, international standards are the language of laboratory equipment, and one of the most reliable standards is the German DIN standard, which measures the temperature of the device at 27 points and checks its temperature. Therefore, one of the most important points to pay attention to when buying an incubator is the uniformity inside the chamber and its adaptation to international standards. In some incubators, a circulating fan is used for equalization of temperature, but the mere presence of a fan will not cause equalization of temperature. It has been observed that incubators with fans cannot provide the same temperature desired by the user because different factors such as the type of fan, the way the element is placed, the way the air circulates and the type of air channel placement and other factors affect the temperature.

Thermal incubators are used to provide temperature for the growth of microorganisms that grow at a temperature of 37 degrees and above, such as most pathogenic bacteria. Some incubators are used to grow mammalian cells.
Incubators perform several functions in a scientific laboratory.

Incubators are used in the laboratory environment for various functions, such as keeping the temperature constant and uniform, controlling humidity, mixing samples in shaker incubators, adjusting and combining gases in CO2 incubators, etc. By providing HCT technology for isothermal inside the chamber in incubators, FG assures its users of uniform temperature distribution, which is very important in the use of incubators. Another important thing in the use Incubators should be noted that there is a system that prevents the sudden increase or decrease of temperature in incubators, FG has prevented this problem from occurring in laboratories by providing the DUAL SAFETY system.

A cooled incubator is a device designed to maintain and grow microorganisms in a suitable environment with a uniform temperature. One of its most common uses is the incubation of bacterial, viral, and fungal cultures. The most important advantage of FG cooled incubators is uniformity at all points of the chamber and thermal stability, and for the first time in Iran, it has brought uniformity at 27 points of the chamber to the user. Another important advantage is temperature stability even in cooling mode, which is made possible by using NON-CUT technology. According to the working temperature range Cooled incubators are also called cryogenic incubators.

Shaker Incubator In addition to controlling the temperature inside the chamber, it provides the possibility of mixing the solution orbitally. Shaker incubators of FG with unique capabilities, show themselves in the domestic and foreign markets. Beautiful appearance and ergonomic design, digital board Smart with a seven-inch LCD display, touch controls, unique temperature accuracy, use of unique CMT technology and the ability to connect the device to a circulator chiller to cool the chamber are among the special advantages of these devices.

A baby incubator is a device that is used for special care after the birth of a baby. By creating a closed and isolated environment, this device provides the temperature, humidity and oxygen needed by the baby and facilitates the possibility of maintaining and providing medical services.

The CO2 incubator provides the necessary temperature conditions for the growth of animal cells outside the body. This device provides the right environment for growth with CO2 gas by creating the right temperature and pH conditions. Considering that cold-blooded organisms will have their body temperature in accordance with the environment, as a result, outside of the body environment, it is the CO2 incubator that can maintain the temperature regulation of any cell to continue growing so that the necessary experiments can be performed on it. The application of this device is for the growth of living organisms in laboratory conditions.

The temperature accuracy of laboratory equipment is known by many things, including controller accuracy, isotherm and temperature fluctuation, and temperature accuracy alone does not have a correct meaning. According to the DIN 12880 standard, temperature accuracy in laboratory equipment is: The degree of uniformity of the device, the amount of temperature fluctuations and the accuracy of the controller. In FG incubators, the accuracy of the controller is 0.1 degrees, and for a detailed check of the isothermal value and temperature fluctuation of FG incubators, refer to the datasheet of the relevant device.

In terms of temperature, laboratory incubators are divided into two categories: thermal and cooled. Thermal incubators usually work from 5 degrees above the ambient temperature to 70 degrees, while cooled incubators cover a wider range. And they are used from temperatures lower than the ambient temperature (usually -5 degrees) to temperatures higher than the ambient temperature (usually 70 degrees).

Laboratory incubators are part of the fixed equipment of laboratories, and in various laboratories, including laboratories of pharmaceutical company, Medical diagnostic , Hospitals, universities and various industries such as food, oil and gas, cosmetics, mines, animal sciences and research centers are used.

One of the important points in buying a laboratory incubator is uniformity in the inner chamber. Because the lack of uniformity between different points of the chamber can cause a large temperature difference between different points of the incubator and as a result cause disruption in the experiment. In this case, a circulating fan can be used to benefit from better uniformity. Of course, it should be noted that the existence of a circulating fan alone cannot cause uniformity. Because various factors such as the fan, the way the element is placed, the way the air circulates and the type of air channel placement and other things have an effect on uniformity.

Incubator and oven are completely different and each one is designed for a separate use in the laboratory. But due to their similar appearance, they are sometimes mistaken and cause problems for consumers. The main difference between incubator and oven is their application, temperature range, temperature accuracy and their appearance. To better check the difference between these two devices See the blogs on the difference between an oven and an incubator.

The price of laboratory incubators is different according to its different types and sizes. For information on the price list of FG laboratory incubator, please contact FG sales department.

In FG D series cooled incubators, which usually have a temperature controller, an air discharge valve (for the release of vapors and gases inside the device) and a timer, features such as programming, setting the thermal slope (RAMP) and delay timer (for setting the device’s turn-on time) There is also In this case, the user can determine the temperature of the device according to the specific time range, so that the device can work with different temperatures at specific times. This feature is one of the most important features of FG incubators.

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