What is HLD (homogenize light distribution)?

What is HLD (homogenize light distribution)?

(HLD(homogenize light distribution

Uniformity of light and color spectrum of light in growth chambers are one of the main problems of users. Fluorescent lamps are usually used in these devices, and the user must turn off some lamps to increase or decrease the light. Have points

Another disadvantage of fluorescent lamps is their light spectrum, each type of lamp produces a light spectrum, and the user must change the type of lamp for different colors. Also, the lamps’ short life span and energy consumption and heating are other problems of these lamps. Are.

FG of LED lamps It has many advantages. The amount of light in this system can be increased and decreased, and the user can create different light spectrums. This system includes 4 types of light, warm white light 2700k, cool white light 6500k, 630nm, and 4100k, which the user can adjust separately and in combination.

LED lamps do not generate heat. As a result, the uniformity of the chamber temperature does not change when the lamps are turned on. The lifespan of LED lamps is 5 times that of fluorescent lamps. Another advantage of HLD is that it can be placed horizontally. In the devices where the light is placed vertically, by placing any object inside the compartment behind it, it will be shaded. Still, in this system, all the light will spread equally by placing optical cassettes horizontally. can be

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