What is the second thermostat (DUAL SAFETY)?

What is the second thermostat (DUAL SAFETY)?

Second thermostat (DUAL SAFETY)

An unwanted increase or decrease in temperature is one of the main problems of thermal and cold chambers, which causes damage to laboratory samples and sometimes huge losses. European standards consider a dual system (second thermostat) mandatory for separate temperature control. This system must have a separate sensor set completely separately to prevent the temperature from increasing or decreasing when necessary by cutting off the power of the element or compressor. to be

In this system, the user sets the temperature of the device by the digital controller and the temperature of the second thermostat a little higher than it; now if the temperature of the chamber goes higher or lower than the set point temperature for any reason, the second thermostat will control the temperature and prevent The chamber temperature will increase or decrease unintentionally. FG prevents problems such as sudden and unwanted increase or decrease in temperature by providing the DUAL SAFETY system.

This system is placed in all FG thermal and cooled chambers, such as ovensincubatorsstability test chambers, growth chambers, etc., so you can feel comfortable about the temperature inside the chamber and laboratory samples.

Prevent unwanted temperature rise
Following the DIN standard
Safety sensor

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