HCT Technology

The most accurate chamber in the world with unique isotherm in accordance with the most reliable international standards

What is HCT technology?

FG has designed HCT technology to solve the problem of uniformity of temperature and humidity in the entire chamber.

By creating a third wall and placing the element in this wall, HCT has created a unique uniformity in the device. Since during loading, there is a disturbance in the air circulation path and this disturbance causes the uniformity loss of the chamber, the creation of the third partition causes the air circulation through the third partition (which is like an air passage channel) even when fully loaded. works) to continue and not affect the uniformity of the chamber. HCT is one of the best methods offered in the world to create uniformity and has been able to create uniformity even in full load mode. Another advantage of HCT technology is the speed of heating and the speed of temperature renewal after opening and closing the device door.

Also in devices that have moisture such as growth chambers and stability chambers, because the entry of water vapor into the main chamber causes the formation of water droplets on the laboratory samples (wetting the samples), the surfaces of the chamber (flowing water on the surfaces of the device) and the sensors (causing the sensors to burn), the presence of the third wall It helps water vapor to combine with air before entering the main chamber, so instead of water vapor entering the main chamber, moist air enters the main chamber and problems such as samples getting wet, water flowing on surfaces, and burning the humidity sensor do not occur. .

HCT technology with uniform air circulation in the entire chamber causes uniform environmental conditions (temperature and humidity) in the entire chamber.

Advantages of HCT technology

3 walls

Uniformity of temperature and humidity in all parts of the chamber

Prevent samples from getting wet

Speed ​​of renewal


Changing the optical spectrum of the device according to the needs of your samples with only 3 clicks

The uniform distribution of light and the ability to adjust the intensity of light in the growth chamber device is one of the important points of the device. Usually, light systems are placed vertically on the door or side walls of the device, which causes some samples to be placed between the light source and other samples by placing the tested samples on the floor level, and other samples put them in the shade, so they don’t get full light.

What is HLD technology?

In HLD technology, optical plates are placed horizontally and like floors inside the chamber and have the ability to move inside the chamber so that when loading samples with different heights, maximum space can be used by moving the optical cassettes.

Another advantage of HLD technology is the use of LED lamps instead of fluorescent lamps. LED lamps have many advantages over fluorescent lamps. Unlike fluorescent lamps, LED lamps consume less energy, they do not heat up, and due to the minimal radiant heat, the temperature around them is not hotter than other places, and they can be loaded near optical cassettes, which is useful in use. Optimizing the internal space of the device helps. Also, these lamps help the health of the environment by consuming less energy.

The biggest advantage of LED lamps is the ability to adjust the light intensity. Fluorescent lamps are not adjustable and you have to turn off some lamps to reduce the light intensity. It is clear that by turning off some lamps, the surfaces in front of them become dimmer than other places, while the intensity of the LED lamps can be adjusted, and in order to reduce the light intensity, all the lamps distributed on the surface are dimmed to the same extent. As a result, uniformity of light is maintained on the entire surface.

Different plants need different spectrum of neuro colors at certain times. The most important of which are cool white=6500k and warm white=2700k. Fluorescent lamps are used to obtain these spectra. In some plants or in some stages of plant growth, in addition to the standard spectrum, the light spectrum of 620nm to 660nm is needed for better growth and fruiting of the plant, which in the usual methods, lamps called flora are used. With HLD, you can easily create different light spectrums such as cool white, warm white and floura or a combination of these spectrums by adjusting from the board, and there is no need to change the lamp for different light spectrums and exorbitant costs.
Another important advantage of LED lamps is the stability of the light spectrum over time, while over time, the light spectrum of fluorescent lamps changes and they have a shorter lifespan than LED lamps.

Advantages of the unique HLD technology provided by FG

Uniformity of light on the entire surface of the chamber
Ability to move optical cassettes to place samples with different heights
Long life due to the use of LED lamps instead of fluorescent
Less energy consumption and environmental protection
Ability to adjust light intensity
Ability to adjust the light spectrum (cool white, warm white, floura)
The stability of the light spectrum over time


The pleasure of using the most accurate cooling system in the world

One of the main problems of refrigerated incubators is keeping the temperature constant in the cooling mode.

It has been observed that temperature fluctuation in cooled incubators has caused many problems such as repeating the test and lack of reproducibility and ultimately causing financial losses for users.

At FG, we invented the unique NON CUT technology to keep the temperature constant in cooled incubators.

In addition to temperature stability, this technology brings other benefits to users, such as the device working without frost, cooling power even in hot environments, increasing the lifespan of the compressor, and saving energy.

What is NON CUT technology and how does it work?

First of all, it is necessary to know that one of the common methods of creating refrigeration is the use of refrigeration compressors (along with peripheral equipment) which creates refrigeration by circulating Freon gas in the components of the cooling circuit in the evaporator. that the power of the compressor, the type and amount of gas and the design of the cooling circuit have a noticeable effect on creating coldness.

Temperature control method in incubators

In thermal incubator devices, frequent switching on and off of the heating element (usually the element) is used to keep the temperature constant. This is usually done by precision electronic boards.

It has been observed that in order to control the temperature in the cooling mode, the compressor is also used to switch on and off. But in refrigerating devices, frequent switching on and off of the compressor shortens the life of the compressor and causes problems such as temperature fluctuations and high costs of replacing the compressor for the consumer.

FG solution for cooled incubators

In NON CUT technology, instead of repeatedly turning off and on the compressor, the amount of Freon gas entering the evaporator, which is the cause of cooling, is controlled.

By using NON CUT, there is no need to turn the compressor off and on again and the temperature can be accurately controlled.

By designing this unique system for the first time in Iran, FG has been able to reach the accuracy of 0.1 degree even in the cooling mode.

Another advantage of NON CUT technology

Longer lifespan of the cooling system (compressor)
Temperature control in cooling mode
No thrush
Temperature accuracy in cooling mode


The most resistant humidifier without deposits on the sensors

The water level of the humidifier is controlled by electronic sensors so that there is no need to check the water tank frequently. One of the problems of electronic sensors is the formation of deposits and corrosion on the water level sensors, which cause the sensors to fail over time.

What is the ANTIPOLAR system?

In order to solve the problem of sedimentation and corrosion on water level sensors, for the first time in the world, FG has designed the unique ANTIPOLAR system to prevent sedimentation on electronic sensors. Also, ANTIPOLAR prevents chemical reactions between the sensors and the water inside the humidifier. and increases the lifespan of sensors.

Advantages of the ANTIPOLAR system

Automatic water level control by electronic sensors
Prevent the formation of deposits on the sensors
Prevent chemical reaction between sensors and water
Extending the life of water level control sensors

Dual Safety

Double safety to protect your samples against unwanted increase or decrease in temperature

Separate independent safety sensor to ensure the temperature of the device (with two PT100 sensors).

Separate mechanical thermostat according to DIN 12880 class 1 (TWB) standard.

Separate and independent output to prevent unwanted increase or decrease in temperature.

According to the latest DIN 12880 Class 3 (TWW) standards.


Unique design of CHP ceramic elements

The mass of the furnace and the life of the element are among the most important things in furnaces. Deep cracks, breakage, lack of complete heat transfer from the element to the chamber, which causes the surface temperature of the element to rise and as a result to burn, are among the problems of castable masses. With years of experience, using CHP technology, FG has succeeded in designing a muffle that is resistant to heat, expansion and contraction, and as a result, problems such as cracking and breaking have been eliminated.

What is the CHP technology provided by FG?

The special formula of the ingredients of the muffle and its mechanical structure are designed in such a way that it transfers the heat from the surface of the element to the chamber, as a result, the heat does not rise on the surface of the element and prevents the element from burning. Also, placing the element inside the pouring mass prevents the destructive effect of steam and gases on the element and increases the life of the element.

Advantages of CHP technology

Uniformity of temperature on all surfaces of the chamber
High shock resistance
Long life of the element
Protection of the element against steam and gases inside the chamber


High speed and smooth Orbital movement, Silently

You must have encountered the problem of sound and vibration of the shaker body. In the shakers available in the market, usually a lever and 4 springs (or rubber or any type with spring capability) are used to create orbital movement, which causes many problems such as noise, unwanted vibration and lack of uniform movement. When using these shakers, you have seen that by placing a load on one part, the pressure resulting from the weight limits the rotation of that point and the diameter of the rotation decreases. Therefore, it will take more time to mix the ingredients. On the other hand, uneven loading causes the device to move on the table.

What is CMT technology?

In the unique CMT system, for the first time in the world, instead of using 4 springs in the four corners of the machine, we used four cranks. With this method, wherever you place the load on the moving plate, the resulting pressure will be spread over the entire surface and the pressure will not be concentrated at one point. Therefore, the device has a uniform and constant movement and the process of mixing the solutions is done correctly and in less time. Also, since the moving plate and the machine’s legs are connected through a crank instead of a spring, the movement of the moving plate is not transferred to the legs of the machine, and problems such as sound, vibration and movement on the table are not observed in FG shakers, and the machine It has the ability to work continuously.

By using CMT technology, we were able to increase the loading capacity on the moving screen up to 10 kg. Even in these conditions, the FG shaker will continue to move smoothly.

Advantages of CMT technology

Ability to load up to 10 kg
Smooth and uniform movement throughout the surface
No noise or vibration
Without belt and spring
Ability to work continuously

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